Seagrass Market Baskets

5 trillion - the amount of plastic bags used globally per year...Read that again.

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The All-Rounder


This shopper has a tighter weave at its base, to ensure small items are contained. Comes with two handle options, long for cross body wear + short for hand + forearm use. 

A strong, plastic free go-to for groceries + market shopping, great beach goer, picnic companion or urban shopper.

  • Sustainable
  • Strong
  • Compostable

The Everyday


The open weave + long handles of this shopper make it great for cross body wear. Great for the beach, as sand slips through + doesn\'t pool in the bottom.

  • Sustainable
  • Fair Trade
  • Strong
  • Compostable

The Market Must-Have


Whether it\'s the farmers market or the supermarket, this is your go-to grocery shopper.  This seagrass basket comes in three sizes, stacks for space saving + stands upright for easy packing, transportation + unpacking. You\'re welcome.

Eco Note: The weavers of these baskets use small amounts of plastic thread to reinforce the seagrass weave in areas. This small amount of plastic increases longevity + use of the basket + can be unthreaded if you wish to compost your basket once it needs replacing.