Ayurvedic Dosha Teas

"Ayurvedic principle teaches that all people embody a unique combination of the 3 Ayurvedic doshas, with most people displaying one dominant dosha. Ayurvedic remedies are administered based on the dominant dosha constitution, however, at any given time, an excess in either 3 of the energies can occur. It is said, to counteract dosha imbalance, the opposite should be applied..."

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The Heather Teapot


There\'s nothing quite like a home brew for two. Enjoy your favourite loose leaf in the Heather Teapot, a 70\'s style classic, finished in a combination of glossy crackle glazed hues of soft blue, olive + brown, with an off white base. Teapot hold approx 4 cups of tea.

Pair with the Thea Mug to complete the set...