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Biode™ Air Drying Soap Holder


Say farewell to soggy bars and sticky soap dishes with this buy-once, use forever* air drying soap holder.

Affix to your shower wall or next to your sink to significantly prolong the life of your Biode™ soap and hair care bars. The self-adhesive strip firmly grips the wall while the magnet allows your soap to air dry with no wastage.

Made from bamboo, which is highly resistant to mould and mildew, we have designed this holder to be minimal and sleek, and look great in your bathroom.

*With proper care

Ceramic + Stainless Steel Soap Holder


This ceramic dish soap holder is a must have sink accessory to store your no tox life dish soap, or as a soap saver in the the bathroom.

Complete with stainless steel drain tray, this baby won\'t mould or decay, keeping your surfaces clean + microbe free.

TIP: Keep it clean ladies + gents - 

Holding the soap in place, tip the holder upside down to release any soapy excess. Swish it around your sink with a dishbrush to keep your surfaces sparkling.

If soap hardens on the drain or vessel, just take to it with a pot brush or chuck it through a dishwasher cycle every once in awhile.

Recycled Teak Canisters


Handmade using traditional woodworking methods, these recycled teak canisters are perfect for storing nuts, tea, bobby pins, clips, cotton tips or stationary objects.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth + a gentle detergent. Air dry. Wipe well before storing food ingredients. Replenish lustre with a food safe oil often.

Due to the handmade nature of the product, variations in wood grain + slight artisan imperfections may be present, making each vessel unique. Lid stiffness is not uncommon, due to the natural expansion + contraction of the wood parts. Sporadic treatment with walnut oil can help to maintain ease of opening.


Small: 8cm diameter, 5.5cm tall

Medium: 8cm diameter, 8.5cm tall

Large: 8cm diameter, 12.5cm tall

(All measurements are approximate)