Home Organisation Service

Home organisation is on the rise + we know why. You know that feeling, when everything has a place? It's the best.

Having a space that not only reflects your personality, but is functional to engage with and maintain is key. We address space + storage issues + constraints, we analyse furniture flow, feng shui + storage solutions to overhaul + reorganise your spaces so that they flow + work more easily. We also empower you with tools + tips to maintain the changes so you can enjoy living in clutter free, organised spaces that are a pleasure to inhabit.

Initial in-home consult free (currently via zoom)

Half day home organisation (4 hours, 2 rooms) $500, plus storage solution costs

Full day (8 hours, 4 rooms) $900, plus storage solution costs

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Home Organisation Service


Need an organisational overhaul?

We\'ve got you covered.

We come into your home or office space & sort all your organisational needs, streamlining efficiency & resolving any functionality roadblocks.


Based on your package, you get 2 or 4 full rooms overhauled.

  1. On confirmation of payment, we send you a questionnaire to ascertain what your organisational needs & goals are.
  2. We set an initial consult date. We come out & meet, measure, plan & order storage solutions for each space.
  3. We set an overhaul date.
  4. Functionality & aesthetics play a large part in our process. We leave you with functional, useable spaces that look & feel amazing.
  5. You receive a digital folio of hacks, habits, tips & tricks to maximise your new spaces & promote lasting change.