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Lion's Mane Mushroom by Superfeast - 100gm Jar


Lion\'s Mane has been traditionally prescribed as a brain tonic for centuries to support nerve health + cognitive function. It is said, for every human ailment there is a corresponding plant to heal it. A plants likeness to a part of the body may signal it\'s healing properties. Perhaps our ancestors who foraged knew this to be true. In the case of Lion\'s Mane, \'s no wonder it\'s used as a brain tonic! Cultivated on sustainably harvested, wild oak wood- their natural growth environment, Superfeast\'s Lion\'s Mane is grown + extracted, using traditional techniques, specific to the herb, to retain + ensure maximum potency + bioavailability. These traditional harvesting + extraction methods ensure that you\'re receiving the highest grade medicinal Lion\'s mane, just the way nature intended. 

Mason's Mushrooms by Superfeast - 100gm Jar


Mason\'s Mushrooms are a carefully curated blend of medicinal mushrooms, formulated by the founder of Superfeast, with the intention to bolster the immune system, improve gut health + digestion, support the nervous system + promote general wellbeing. Medicinal Mushrooms are powerful apoptogenic superfoods that have been revered + prescribed by the ancient herbalists of the East for centuries. Mushrooms are quickly becoming a more accessible, plant based resource to encourage overall physical, energetic + emotional health.

Please consider if incorporating medicinal mushrooms into your diet is right for you, by consulting your general practitioner prior taking. Seek advice if taking other herbal remedies, medications, if you have known medical conditions, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Reishi Mushroom Blend by Superfeast -100gm Jar


Reishi is a soothing mushroom extract, supporting shen, the spirit, or mind, in tradtional Chinese medicine. Cultivated on sustainably harvested, wild duanwood - their natural food + growth environment, Superfeast\'s reishi is grown + extracted, using patented + refined traditional techniques, specific to the herb, to retain + ensure maximum potency + bioavailability. By using traditional harvesting + extraction methods, you can be sure that you\'re receiving the highest grade medicinal reishi, just the way nature intended. 

Rigorously tested, 100% pure mushroom medicine.

Begin with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily, in plant mylk or hot water broth. May also be stirred into warm foods.