Saying sorry isn’t enough - change requires action.

Elemental Remedy supports grassroots organization Pay The Rent. As an Aussie business, operating on Australian soil, we believe it is our responsibility to actively give back to the original custodians of this land. We stand in solidarity + choose to ''pay the rent'. It's our way to acknowledge the injustices the first nations people have endured as a result of white invasion. Although we cannot undo the past, we can be a part of activating change now + for the future. We believe all people should pay the rent + we advocate for treaty.

We encourage you to do the same by heading to  + check out their socials here:




This land was never empty; the sovereignty of First Nations people was never ceded. Despite centuries of attempted genocide that continues to this day, Indigenous people have managed to hold onto and nurture culture and connections with country. At the same time, Indigenous health and wellbeing has been devastated; Aboriginal people are significantly more likely to be incarcerated, to die in custody, to be separated from family, or to suicide. While governments and individuals have said Sorry'' to the Stolen Generations, they have taken no meaningful action towards making right, nor towards preventing further harm.

Paying the Rent is a step towards acknowledging these facts. It is part of a process of restitution that all non-Indigenous people – individually and collectively – need to enter into, if we are to move towards justice and liberation for First Nations people.” – excerpt from